An Apology

In this age of internet-ing, it is terribly, terribly easy to engage in what a friend of mine once referred to as “fire-ready-aim” reactionism. You get upset about something. Perhaps it’s justifiable, perhaps it’s justifiable only in your tiny little head. You have this forum in which to vent. You do so, you feel “better,” and you go about your merry way.

Until someone calls you on it. And you realize that you were utterly, utterly wrong.

Several weeks ago, I went to the Guitar Center in Danvers, where I bought some gear from Mike Miano. I grossly misinterpreted his enthusiasm for meeting a woman who played drums as “sexism.” I wrote a post on this site about our exchange, instead of – you know – calling the store and asking to speak to him directly to clear up what I thought I had encountered, and arrive at a better understanding. I wrote a post instead of doing what adults do, which is to communicate. I unfairly painted a picture of him that was based on my own interpretation of our exchange.

This was wrong.

I was wrong.

I have enough recovery time under my belt to know that when I am wrong, I must promptly admit it. I can do that.

I’ve contacted Mr. Miano directly, but am also posting this here:

I’m sorry.

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