In Which I Note My Reactions To Chicken & Waffles Lays, Chip By Chip

five by five hundred

Chip One: I expect a blast of fetid, artificial syrupy-ness to hit me in the face as I open the bag. This is not the case. It smells like a bag of potato chips…and then there’s the slightest hint of maple. Like the base note of a gourmand fragrance. Or something. The first chip is not bad. It actually tastes like chicken and waffles. There’s barely a potato to be had.

Chip Two: This one I give to my husband. He has a similar reaction, except maybe without the comparison to perfume.

Chip Three: I want these chips to win! I check the bag to see if I can vote for them on Facebook. I honestly don’t want to live in a world without Chicken & Waffles potato chips. I can’t believe I am thinking like this.

Chip Four: I’m starting to wonder just what I’m eating. I mean, I’m…

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