A New Time (tip o’ the hat to Paula Kelley)

A New Time – Paula Kelley

So, here I am on WordPress.  Hello!  I sort of fell in “deep affection” with this platform when I first started writing for 5×500 and had to put my “quick study” hat on to navigate the dashboard.  My God, it’s fantastic.  Light years ahead of D-Land’s, which presumes that the writer is perpetually 12 years old and wishes not to emphasize her words in any way other than caps lock.

I had a good, long run at Diaryland, but it has been a ghost town around there for YEARS now in terms of any kind of response regarding technical support.  To pay a yearly fee only to have what few questions you have completely ignored, well – that’s just bad business, Diaryland.  And when you’re regularly paying for “extra service” that you know from experience just plain isn’t there, well – shame on me.  Laziness, and an odd kind of loyalty, kept me on that outdated (and let’s face it, uncool) platform way longer than was appropriate.

I don’t wish to totally bash the site, but I will harshly chastise its owner, simply because if you are going to offer enhanced features for a fee, then you should – you know – at least answer your email when one of those enhancements doesn’t pan out.  It’s the polite thing to do.

I’d paid up for another year of “preferred membership” there, and so the old site will stay up for at least that long as I decide which of the hundreds and hundreds of entries will find their way over here.  I suspect I should feel sadder about “ending an era,” but nothing’s ended, really, other than an unsatisfactory (and increasingly one-sided) business relationship.  It’s a change of address to a better neighborhood.

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